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About K2

K2 & Associates is a Canadian multi-strategy, event-driven hedge fund manager with a 20+ year track record of successfully managing money, protecting capital, and creating value. We built our funds as tools for families — including our own — to build wealth while protecting what matters to them.

Our investment approach is designed to manage risk and build wealth, and employs a variety of tools across diverse sectors. We are activists who work to seek to surface value, and have a history of creating alpha through strong analysis, strategy and relationships. We have a well-earned reputation as a good partner, lead investor and strong sponsor for companies looking for risk capital.

Our passionate and dedicated investment team reflects a broad array of skill sets, including CFA, Engineering and MBA designations. Moreover, we maintain relationships with domain experts across all industries.

Our principals have all their material capital invested in our funds, representing over 70% of the funds’ assets; by investing alongside us, you can rest assured that we will protect and grow your money as if it is our own.